lettering18 May 2015

New script font: in progress

I have always had a special relationship with hand lettering and how it relates to typography. Ever since my first graphic arts job in college, when I handled the paint and brush for the first time touching up signs in an old school hardware store, I have loved the craft and the human touch it brings to visual communications. In the Pacific Northwest, I saw numerous examples of revival styles used by veteran sign writers, with their endless variations

Portfolio Hosting Review: Behance

The most important tasks required of a designer or illustrator to publish a promo site are becoming easier thanks to new portfolio web products. Many of them are free to join, and offer great benefits to the creative professional.  The most important work begins before you join a portfolio site. It's critical that you put your best work forward, write creatively, persuasively, and honestly, and edit your content to generate a great impression. But from

Best Free Graphic Design Programs

Many students and designers new to professional graphic design are surprised to discover the high costs of design software. Design firms can usually expense software as part of the cost of doing business, but for independent and beginning designers, sometimes these costs can be prohibitive. Programs like the Creative Suite from Adobe are considered the standard in the profession, and rightly so, with many features and plugins that make them versatile, powerful tools for many