3D software developer Dassault Systèmes wanted to reach more design entrepreneurs and high-tech manufacturers to promote its SOLIDWORKS platform. Zachary was tasked with designing a lead-generation campaign. Focusing on makers and startup innovators, Zachary developed a solution anchored by a microsite and supported by downloadable eBook offers, free-to-download rich media content pieces, and outreach including both organic social media and paid advertising.


The project required a deep dive into customer stories, industry trends, and an extensive set of client communications to craft a message that presented real-world successes to resonate with entrepreneurs and large manufacturers alike.


Zachary provided direction for the website, including UX, visual design, and media mix. Zachary also designed the social media shareables and PDF offers, and storyboarded the “teaser” video. The results were immediate; the SOLIDWORKS team calling it the “best lead-gen” campaign of the year. A marked improvement in lead capturing and a spike in demo downloads showed within weeks of the launch. Created at Push22.

Platinum Award - 2016 AVA Digital Awards

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