A brand identity should be the ultimate expression of your business. Right from the beginning with the name and logo, the elements must be crafted with care. That is why identity design is the core of our creative process. While new identities are often the focus, long-established brands need equal care to stay relevant and fresh. Zachary offers identity and brand development consultation for businesses of all sizes. Together we can create a clear picture of what defines your brand and how to best shape and define your brand in the marketplace.

Northern Concepts: Public Relations Firm. Vancouver, WA.

Northern Concepts

Heyday Coffee: Flint, MI.

Heyday Coffee

Grand Central Building: Real Estate Logo for Foresight Development, LLC. Portland, OR.

Grand Central Building

Kitsch: Fashion Beachwear Company. Los Angeles, CA.


Paper Tiger Coffee Company: Specialty Food & Beverages, Retail & Wholesale. Vancouver, WA.

Motorcycle Details

Montmartre Bistro: Upscale Restaurant in Portland, OR.

Motorcycle Details

Annual Blues & Jazz Festival: Kankakee, IL.

Motorcycle Details

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