Zachary Creative Studio is owned and operated by Zachary J Gray. You can reach him directly at 810-252-5875 or send a note below.

I'm New to This...Where to Start?

When you request creative services, first gather some information. It will help us both best utilize our time:

  1. Your business name and contact info.
  2. A specific request (what is the task we will be working on? Ex. generating more web leads, creating a new website, designing a logo.)
  3. A budget.
  4. A timeframe.
  5. Examples of creative work you love.
What Do Creative Services Cost?

Creative services are similar to many professional services: it depends on the scope of the work.

Let’s talk about the result you want, and then I can tell you what it will take.

Do You Design Websites?

Absolutely. I have designed, developed, and maintained sites for multi-million dollar luxury, industry-leading technology, and top eCommerce brands. And I am passionate about designing a site that suits the needs of your audience and helps you grow your business.

Social Media: Do I Need a Professional?

Every business can benefit enormously from the right social media presence. From updating the branding on your channels to generating clickable content, strong concepts and clean designs can make all the difference.